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Professional Diploma in Global Business Management

This course provides students with a grounding and understanding of basic macroeconomic principles as they relate to international business.


The course examines the global business environment, and details Hong Kong's particular position and role within it. It helps students to develop a broader understanding of the world around them and of the importance of international business to their future business careers in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

Programme Objectives

The course introduces students to the economic background of global business explaining the theory and outlining the relative importance of both international trade and multinational investment. Students will become familiar with the major regulatory and legislative bodies that govern global business.

Course Structure

  1. Current Issues in Global Business

  2. Global Economic Integration

  3. The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business

  4. Entrepreneurship: Global and Social Development

  5. Global Human Resource Strategy

  6. Global Marketing Strategy

  7. Global Business Communications Skills

  8. The Cultural Environment

ACC403 Financial Accounting II

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