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Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Increasing competition between national and international companies calls for a greater degree of ability and professionalism on the part ofall managers. This advanced level management programme is regularly selected by employers seeking a suitable programme of study for their middle and line managers. The structure of the programme ensures that participants are able to develop both academic knowledge and practical management skills. The qualification also gives entry to a range of other post graduate programmes.

Programme Objectives

This programme is designed to provide senior supervisors, managers and advanced level business students with a post-graduate/post experience level management qualification for career development purposes. It is also suitable for holders of degrees in non-business and management disciplines who require a high-level management qualification.

Course Structure

ACC204. Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC205. Financial Management

BUS314. Operations Management

BUS309. Management Information Systems

BUS313. Strategic Management

BUS317. International Business

BUS312. Research Report – Management Report

ACC403 Financial Accounting II


Graduates of IBA qualifications are eligible to claim the maximum allowance of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for the comparable Qualifi qualifications.  As a top recognised UK awarding organisation, regulated by Ofqual, Qualifi is able to give assurances to employers, centres and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning. Qualifi is UK’s most international awarding body.

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