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Master of Business Administration

awarded by University of Bolton, UK

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-Up degree from Bolton affords you the chance to advance your career. The curriculum examines how to address large-scale, strategic business difficulties, allowing you to develop as a leader in virtually any industry.


Programme Features


On successful completion of the programme you will be awarded the Master of Business Administration.


Awarding Body
University of Bolton, UK


Course Description

The MBA Degree Top-Up from University of Bolton is a rigorous and stimulating career development programme for those with prior management experience. The curriculum emphasises the development of the strategic thinking abilities required in the contemporary global economy. This degree also includes the development of critical knowledge of businesses and their management, creative and systematic approaches to comprehending business difficulties, and knowledge of improving business and management practise.

Course Modules

As part of the MBA (top up) programme, students are expected to complete 90 credits worth of studies, usually comprise of the following module:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Research Methos & Academic Unit

  • Dissertation


Assessment is through coursework.

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